Bonkers D. BobcatEdit

Bonkers D. Bobcat is the titular character of Bonkers





Bonkers first appeared in Raw Toonage. In "Going Bonkers" Bonkers gets cancelled because his ratings were too low. He later spots his childhood idol, Donald Duck and tries to talk him into appearing in Donald's next film. However, Donald was being mugged and Bonkers had the mugger blow his own cover with his gun sound effects. Lucky Piquel had caught the park mugger but Bonkers got full credit.


Bonkers has long antenna like ears, he wears a hat and a shirt, but no pants. He has orange fur with black spots, and blonde hair. Oddly enough he is a bobcat with a long striped tail. He also wears white gloves


Since Disney couldn't use Roger Rabbit, they used Bonkers. He has Roger Rabbit's wacky, out of control, lovesick, and hapless personality

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